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Howard Heitmeyer: Unsung Genius of the Guitar
By Rico Stover

Howard HeitmeyerHoward Heitmeyer was born October 4, 1923 near Prescott, Arizona. He grew up in a family with two sisters and a brother. He never studied music or the guitar during his early youth which was spent living in distinct locales in different states as his father was a traveling salesman selling vacuum cleaners. Finally the family settled in Phoenix and there Howard grew up. He worked in a service station when he was young. His early experiences with music were singing the tenor part of church hymns. When he was 18 he acquired a steel string guitar and started learning basic chords and rhythm playing.

At age 19 he went into the US Army where he spent over 3 years as an aircraft mechanic. Upon his release from the Army in 1945 he returned to Phoenix where he first worked in a drugstore while he continued to play and learn all he could about the guitar. By 1947 he was good enough to land a job in a Hawaiian band at a place called the South Seas in Phoenix. He then found employment working for the owner of two restaurant/clubs, the Gilded Cage and The Steakhouse. During this time in Phoenix Howard met and became friends with Howard Roberts (1929-1992), the famed jazz guitarist. They shared an apartment for a time before Roberts left for California in 1950.

In 1952 Howard went to California and registered his local union card from Phoenix with Musicians Union Local 47 in Los Angeles. A waiting period was required before his acceptance in that local’s jurisdiction. So with the idea of waiting around, Howard took a job in Yuma, Arizona, working in a club. After several months Howard returned to Phoenix and worked in a music store. Here he met a classical guitarist who played for him Villa-Lobos’ Choro No. 1 which introduced him to “finger style” technique without a plectrum. He also at this time enrolled in a music school which required students to play piano. Howard learned the piano and this knowledge is another ingredient in his skill as an arranger. He can read a piano score and translate it to the guitar at sight. After several months Howard left Phoenix with his mother in tow and moved permanently to Los Angeles. 

By 1953 he was beginning to make a living as a guitarist. His first break came when a guitarist friend named Nick Bonny told Howard he was leaving his spot in a group that played at a club called the Buggy Whip and urged him to go audition. Howard did and was hired-the initial ”break” needed to get underway. Contacts gradually led to more work and soon he had rented an apartment in Beverly Hills!

Southern California in the early 1950’s still had a great number of clubs featuring live jazz, and Howard was able to hear many fine jazz guitarists which included Barney Kessel, Jimmy Wybel, Tal Farlow, Tony Rizzi and the great George Van Eps. He worked during these fifties years as a studio musician, playing on a diversity of recordings among which figured the popular “Fifty Guitars” series produced by Snuff Garrett. Howard played live gigs with a diversity of musicians which included the pianist/vocalist Bobby Troup. He also heard Andrés Segovia in concert on several occasions and this was a major influence for him.

Howard was not a "child prodigy". He never had a guitar teacher and no familial support. He made his way alone through his own intuitive efforts. He is the kind of person who can figure things out by himself (being a voracious reader helps). His experience with the guitar is one example of this. He learned how to do magic, particularly card tricks. And he also became a very sharp pool player. Then later in his life he spent a good many years mining for gold!

HHBut the music scene during the late fifties saw the rise of rock ‘n roll and a progressive decrease in jazz. Howard’s interest in classical guitar had been steadily growing and in the early 60’s he formed the “Hollywood Concert Trio” with Ron Purcell (1932-2011) and Vince Terry performing Howard’s arrangements. He became good friends with Frederick Noad (1929-2001) at this time. By 1962 Howard had grown totally dissatisfied and left the professional recording studio scene. The following year he began teaching at José Oribe’s guitar shop in Inglewood, California.

At Oribe’s he met Joe Torres who was very keen on bossa nova and asked Howard if he would make an arrangement of Jobim’s The Girl from Ipanema for him. The rest is history. Howard and Joe eventually formed a duo and enjoyed great success in concert and club performances in Southern California over several years. Another guitarist at Oribe’s, the astounding virtuoso Vince Macaluso (1941-2012), also performed in concerts with Howard. This teaching/performing part of Howard’s life lasted 32 years until 1995 when he “retired” at age 72. Hundreds of people studied with him and hundreds of arrangements were the result. This is the legacy of Howard Heitmeyer. With Howard we have both quality and quantity-652 listed titles to date with numerous ones either not located yet or not accessible.

His technique is not that of a flashy virtuoso. It is a technique that embraces correct voice leading, advantageous use of distinct keys, connectedness in the voices, use of open strings, and a harmonic vocabulary utilizing jazz and popular sources. And with one other very special characteristic: arrangements geared to a certain level of difficulty from easy to complex. His technical and creative skills allowed him to produce arrangements that were “tailor made” for students, crafting the level of difficulty to match a person’s playing ability. I think it somewhat paradoxical that it is more difficult to “get something down” that is interesting at the level of a beginner than to write a very difficult virtuosic arrangement. But an amazing fact about Howard is that he has made arrangements at all levels that are ingenious, satisfying and beautiful.

“Howard Heitmeyer's arrangements, particularly of the great popular songs
of the early 20th century, are remarkable for their authenticity of style and
harmony and for their playability. They are treasures.” David Leisner

rico & Howard
Howard Heitmeyer & Rico Stover


Arrangements & Original Works
of Howard Heitmeyer

Howard Heitmeyer

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Medley-When Your Lover Has Gone-Coquette-It's Only A Paper Moon-Notation.pdf
Medley-Where Or When-Bewitched-I Didn't Knoq What Time It Was-Notation.pdf
Medo De Amar-Notation.pdf
Melancholy Serenade-Notation.pdf
Melody (II)-Notation.pdf
Melody II-Notation.pdf
Memory (from Cats)-Notation.pdf
Menina Flor-Notation.pdf
Meu Caminho-Notation.pdf
Michelle II-Notation.pdf
Midnight Mood (II)-Notation.pdf
Midnight Mood-Notation.pdf
Mirror, Mirror, Mirror (II)-Notation.pdf
Mirror, Mirror, Mirror-Notation.pdf
Mona Lisa-Notation.pdf
Moon River (Advanced)-Notation.pdf
Moon River (D)-Notation.pdf
Moonlight In Vermont-Notation.pdf
Moonlight Serenade-Notation.pdf
Morir Por Tu Amor-Notation.pdf
Morning Has Broken-Notation.pdf
Morning Song (II)-Notation.pdf
Morning Song-Notation.pdf
Mr Bojangles-Notation.pdf
Mr. Lucky-Notation.pdf
Musette in Dmaj.pdf
My Blue Heaven-Notation.pdf
My Cherie Amour-Notation.pdf
My Favorite Things-Notation.pdf
My Foolish Heart-Notation.pdf
My Funny Valentine-Notation.pdf
My Heart Stood Still-Notation.pdf
My Heart Will Go On-Notation.pdf
My Old Flame-Notation.pdf
My One And Only Love-Notation.pdf
My Romance (I)-Notation.pdf
My Romance (II)-Notation.pdf
My Shing Hour-Notation.pdf
Nadia's Theme-Notation.pdf
Nice Work If You Can Get It-Notation.pdf
Night And Day-Notation.pdf
No Greater Love-Notation.pdf
No More Love-Notation.pdf
Norwegian Wood-Notation.pdf
Nuages (2)-Notation.pdf
O Amor Em Paz-Notation.pdf
O Barquinho-Notation.pdf
Ojos Brujos (II)-Notation.pdf
Ojos Brujos-Notation.pdf
On My Mind-Notation.pdf
On The Sunny Side Of The Street-Notation.pdf
Once In Awhile-Notation.pdf
One Note Samba-Notation.pdf
Our Love Is Here To Stay-Notation.pdf
Out Of Nowhere-Notation.pdf
Pa' Que Me Sirve La Vida-Notation.pdf
Pennies From Heaven-Notation.pdf
Pete Kelly's Blues-Notation.pdf
Petite Fleur-Notation.pdf
Pica Pica-Notation.pdf
Pieces Of Dreams-Notation.pdf
Plegaria (adv)-Notation.pdf
Plegaria (orig)-Notation.pdf
Pobrecita De Mi Alma-Notation.pdf
Polka Dots And Moonbeams-Notation.pdf
Prelude (Chopin)-Notation.pdf
Prelude To A Kiss-Notation.pdf
Prelude-Bach (Macaluso)-Notation.pdf
Preludio De Adios-Notation.pdf
Put Your Dreams Away-Notation.pdf
Put Your Head On My Shoulder-Notation.pdf
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head-Notation.pdf
Rainy Days And Mondays-Notation.pdf
Rayando El Sol-Notation.pdf
Reflection (Duet)-Notation.pdf
Remembrance (II)-Notation.pdf
Romance de Amor (Duet)-Notation.pdf
Romanza De Los Pinos-Notation.pdf
'Round Midnight-Notation.pdf
Saint Louis Blues-Notation.pdf
Samba Da Bencao-Notation.pdf
Samba De Orfeu (2)-Notation.pdf
Samba De Orfeu-Notation.pdf
Samba Triste-Notation.pdf
Satin Doll-Notation.pdf
Saturday Morning Waltz-Notation.pdf
Scarborough Fair (Bm)-Notation.pdf
Scarborough Fair (Em I)-Notation.pdf
Scarborough Fair (Em II)-Notation.pdf
Scarlet Ribbons-Notation.pdf
Scotch And Soda-Notation.pdf
Send In The Clowns (C Basic)-Notation.pdf
Send In The Clowns (D Basic)-Notation.pdf
Send In The Clowns (E Adv)-Notation.pdf
Send In The Clowns (E Basic)-Notation.pdf
Sentimentale (II)-Notation.pdf
September Song-Notation.pdf
Serenade In Blue-Notation.pdf
Skylark (II)-Notation.pdf
So Many Loves Ago-Notation.pdf
Softly As I Leave You (II)-Notation.pdf
Softly As I Leave You (III)-Notation.pdf
Softly As I Leave You-Notation.pdf
Solace (A-I)-Notation.pdf
Solace (A-II)-Notation.pdf
Solace (D)-notation.pdf
Someone To Light Up My Life.pdf
Someone To Watch Over Me (II)-Notation.pdf
Someone To Watch Over Me-Notation.pdf
Somewhere In Time (III)-Notation.pdf
Somewhere In Time-Notation.pdf
Somewhere In Time-Theme-Notation.pdf
Somewhere Over The Rainbow-Notation.pdf
Somos Diferentes-Notation.pdf
Song From MASH-Notation.pdf
Song Of The Islands-Notation.pdf
Song Of The Jet-Notation.pdf
Sons Da Carrilhoes-Notation.pdf
Sophisticated Lady-Notation.pdf
Soul Eyes-Notation.pdf
South To Rio-Notation.pdf
Spanish Dance-Notation.pdf
Spanish Eyes-Notation.pdf
Speak Low-Notation.pdf
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (2010)-Notation.pdf
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most-Notation.pdf
Stairway To The Stars-Notation.pdf
Star Eyes-Notation.pdf
Stardust (2011)-Notation.pdf
Stars Fell On Alabama-Notation.pdf
Stormy Weather-Notation.pdf
Stranger In Paradise-Notation.pdf
Stranger In Town-Notation.pdf
Stranger On The Shore-Notation.pdf
Streets Of Laredo-Notation.pdf
Study in A Major (duet)-Notation.pdf
Study in A minor (duet)-Notation.pdf
Study No 1 (Duet)-Notation.pdf
Summer Samba (E)-Notation.pdf
Sunrise Sunset-Notation.pdf
Sweet Caroline-Notation.pdf
Sweet Lorraine-Notation.pdf
Take Me In Your Arms-Notation.pdf
Tell Me That You Love Me Now-Notation.pdf
Tender Is The Night-Notation.pdf
Tenderly (II)-Notation.pdf
That's All-Notation.pdf
The Birth Of The Blues-Notation.pdf
The Christmas Song (A To C)-Notation.pdf
The Christmas Song (A)-Notation.pdf
The Christmas Song (C I)-Notation.pdf
The Christmas Song (C II)-Notation.pdf
The Christmas Song (E)-Notation.pdf
The Days Of Wine And Roses-Notation.pdf
The Folks Who Live On The Hill-Notation.pdf
The Gentle Rain (I)-Notation.pdf
The Gentle Rain (II)-Notation.pdf
The Girl From Ipanema-Notation.pdf
The God Of Abraham Praise-Notation.pdf
The Green Leaves Of Summer-Notation.pdf
The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Tremolo)-Notation.pdf
The Hawaiian Wedding Song-Notation.pdf
The Look Of Love-Notation.pdf
The Love Of A Gypsy-Notation.pdf
The Man I Love-Notation.pdf
The Merchamt's Daughter-Notation.pdf
The Moon Was Yellow-Notation.pdf
The More I See You-Notation.pdf
The Morning After-Notation.pdf
The Nearness Of You-Notation.pdf
The Riddle Song-Notation.pdf
The Rose-Notation.pdf
The Second Time Around-Notation.pdf
The Shadow Of Your Smile (2015)-Notation.pdf
The Shadow Of Your Smile (II 2015)-Notation.pdf
The Shadow Of Your Smile (II)-Notation.pdf
The Shadow Of Your Smile-Notation.pdf
The Song Of Delelah-Notation.pdf
The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of-Notation.pdf
The Summer Knows-Notation.pdf
The Swan (I)-Notation.pdf
The Swan (II)-Notation.pdf
The Swan (III)-Notation.pdf
The Thrill Is Gone-Notation.pdf
The Way We Were (I Drop-D)-Notation.pdf
The Way We Were (II Drop-D)-Notation.pdf
The Wind Beneath My Wings-Notation.pdf
The World Outside-Notation.pdf
Theme - The Molly Maguires-Duet-Notation.pdf
Theme From A Summer Place-Notation.pdf
Theme From Ballade No 4-Notation.pdf
Theme From El Cid-Notation.pdf
Theme From Fifth Monkey (II)-Notation.pdf
Theme From Fifth Monkey-Notation.pdf
Theme From Godfather (Advanced)-Notation.pdf
Theme From Ice Castles (II)-Notation.pdf
Theme From Ice Castles-Notation.pdf
Theme from Love Story-Notation.pdf
Theme From Romeo & Juliet (Adv I)-Notation.pdf
Theme From Romeo & Juliet (Adv II)-Notation.pdf
Theme From Romeo & Juliet (Basic)-Notation.pdf
Theme From Spatacus-Notation.pdf
Theme From The Champ-Notation.pdf
Theme from The Godfather (Duet)-Notation.pdf
Theme-Lawrence Of Arabia-Notation.pdf
Theme-The Godfather (Em Adv.)-Notation.pdf
Theme-The Godfather (Em II Basic)-Notation.pdf
Theme-The Godfather (Em III Basic)-Notation.pdf
Theme-The Godfather Part 2 (Bm-Em)-Notation.pdf
Theme-The Godfather Part 2 (Bm)-Notation.pdf
Theme-The Godfather Part 2 (Em)-Notation.pdf
There Is Love-Notation.pdf
There Will Never Be Another You-Notation.pdf
These Foolish Things-Notation.pdf
They Can't Take That Away From Me-Notation.pdf
They Say Falling In Love Is Wonderful-Notation.pdf
Third Man Theme (I)-Notation.pdf
Third Man Theme (II)-Notation.pdf
This Love Of Mine-Notation.pdf
This Masquerade-Notation.pdf
This Night-Notation.pdf
This Time-Notation.pdf
Time After Time (II).Notation.pdf
Time After Time-Notation.pdf
Tomorrow (from Annie)-Notation.pdf
Too Romantic-Notation.pdf
Travelin' Light-Notation.pdf
Try To Remember (I)-Notation.pdf
Try To Remember (II)-Notation.pdf
Two A. M. Prelude-Notation.pdf
Two For The Road-Notation.pdf
Under Paris Skies-Notation.pdf
Unforgettable (II)-Notation.pdf
Up Where We Belong-Notation.pdf
Up, Up And Away-Notation.pdf
Vals Venezolano No.3-Notation.pdf
Valse (Vinas)-Notation.pdf
Valse Peruano-Notation.pdf
Valse Popular-Notation.pdf
Valse Sentimentale-Notation.pdf
Vem So-Notation.pdf
Vem Viver Ao Meu Lado-Notation.pdf
Verde Luna-Notation.pdf
Walking Blues-Notation.pdf
Waltz For Debby-Notation.pdf
Watch What Happens-Notation.pdf
Wave (I)-Notation.pdf
Wave (II)-Notation.pdf
We've Only Just Begun (C)-Notation.pdf
We've Only Just Begun (E)-Notation.pdf
Wednesday's Child-Notation.pdf
What A Wonderful World-Notation.pdf
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (2010)-Notation.pdf
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (Em)-Notation.pdf
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life (F#m)-Notation.pdf
What I Did For Love-Notation.pdf
What Kind Of Fool Am I-Notation.pdf
What Now My Love-Notation.pdf
What's New-Notation.pdf
When Christmas Dreams Come True-Notation.pdf
When I Fall In Love-Notation.pdf
When I Look Into Your Eyes-Notation.pdf
When Sunny Gets Blue-Notation.pdf
When You Wish Upon A Star (II)-Notation.pdf
When You Wish Upon A Star-Notation.pdf
While We're Young-Notation.pdf
Who Can I Turn To-Notation.pdf
Windmills Of Your Mind-Notation.pdf
With The Wind And Rain In Your-Notation.pdf
Yellow Bird-Notation.pdf
Yesterday (HH II)-Notation.pdf
Yesterday (HH III)-Notation.pdf
Yesterday (HH)-Notation.pdf
Yosakoi Bushi-Notation.pdf
You Are Always In My Heart-Notation.pdf
You Are The One-Notation.pdf
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life-Notation.pdf
You Are Too Beautiful-Notation.pdf
You Don't Bring Me Flowers-Notation.pdf
You Don't Know What Love Is-Notation.pdf
You Go To My Head-Notation.pdf
You Know I'm Yours-Notation.pdf
You Light Up My Life-Notation.pdf
You Took Advantage Of Me-Notation.pdf
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You-N

A Ballad For Dorothy-Notation.pdf
A Cancao Do Nosso Amor-Notation.pdf
A Closer Walk With Thee-Notation.pdf
A Felicidade-Notation.pdf
A Little Love Song-Notation.pdf
A Little Prelude-Notation.pdf
A Man And A Woman-Notation.pdf
A Midnight Musing-Notation.pdf
A New Year Is Coming-Notation.pdf
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square-Notation.pdf
A Patch Of Blue-Notation.pdf
A Simple Song-Notation.pdf
A Taste Of Honey (Am II)-Notation.pdf
A Taste Of Honey (Am III)-Notation.pdf
A Taste Of Honey (Am)-Notation.pdf
A Taste Of Honey (Drop-D)-Notation.pdf
A Time For Love-Notation.pdf
A Very Precious Love-Notation.pdf
A World Od Love-Notation.pdf
Ain't Misbehavin-Notation.pdf
All I Ask Of You ( C )-Notation.pdf
All I Ask Of You ( Drop-D ).pdf
All The Things You Are (Ab)-Notation.pdf
All The Things You Are (F II)-Notation.pdf
All The Things You Are (F)-Notation.pdf
All The Way-Notation.pdf
Allegretto in A minor (duet)-Notation.pdf
Alone Together-Notation.pdf
Always On My Mind-Notation.pdf
Am I Blue-Notation.pdf
And I Love Her-Notation.pdf
And I Love You So-Notation.pdf
Andantino (Duet)-Notation.pdf
Angel Eyes-Notation.pdf
Angelitos Negros-Notation.pdf
Annie's Song-Notation.pdf
Anos Dourados-Notation.pdf
April In Paris-Notation.pdf
As Time Goes By (2010)-Notation.pdf
As Time Goes By-Notation.pdf
At Seventeen-Notation.pdf
Autumn In New York-Notation.pdf
Autumn In Rome-Notation.pdf
Autumn Leaves-Notation.pdf
Autumn Serenade-Notation.pdf
Ave Maria-Notation.pdf
Baubles, Bangles & Beads-Notation.pdf
Begin The Beguine-Notation.pdf
Berceuse D'Orient-Notation.pdf
Beyond The Sea-Volare-Mack The Knife-Notation.pdf
Bim Bom-Notation.pdf
Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair-Notation.pdf
Black Orpheus-Notation.pdf
Black, Black, Black-Notation.pdf
Blame It On My Youth-Notation.pdf
Blue Bossa-Notation.pdf
Blue Moon-Notation.pdf
Blue Skies-Notation.pdf
Body & Soul-Notation.pdf
Bossa For Bob-Notation.pdf
Both Sides Now (I)-Notation.pdf
Both Sides Now (II)-Notation.pdf
Both Sides Now (III)-Notation.pdf
Both Sides Now-Notation.pdf
Bouree (Easy)-Notation.pdf
Bouree in E Minor-Notation.pdf
Brian's Song-Notation.pdf
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Duet)-Notation.pdf
Can You Read My Mind-Notation.pdf
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You-Notation.pdf
Cancion De Cuna-Notation.pdf
Cancion Mexicana-Notation.pdf
Canco Del Lladre-Notation.pdf
Cavatina (Duet)-Notation.pdf
Chances Are-Notation.pdf
Cheek To Cheek-Notation.pdf
Chega de Saudade-Notation.pdf
Cielito Lindo-Notation.pdf
Close To You-Notation.pdf
Come Fly With Me-Notation.pdf
Come In From The Rain-Notation.pdf
Come Rain Or Come Shine-Notation.pdf
Concierto De Aranjuez (II)-Notation.pdf
Concierto De Aranjuez-Notation.pdf
Corcovado (I)-Notation.pdf
Corcovado (II)-Notation.pdf
Crazy Rhythm-Notation.pdf
Dancing In The Dark-Notation.pdf
Dancing On The Ceiling-Notation.pdf
Danny Boy-Notation.pdf
Darn That Dream-Notation.pdf
Deep In A Dream-Notation.pdf
Deep Night-Notation.pdf
Devil May Care-Notation.pdf
Dindi (II)-Notation.pdf
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans-Notation.pdf
Don't Blame Me-Notation.pdf
Don't Get Around Much Anymore (II).pdf
Don't Get Around Much Anymore-Notation.pdf
Don't Take Your Love From Me-Notation.pdf
Don't You Know I Care-Notation.pdf
Early Autumn-Notation.pdf
East Of The Sun-Notation.pdf
Easy Street-Notation.pdf
Easy To Love-Notation.pdf
El Negrito (Duet)-Notation.pdf
El Noi da la Mare (Duet)-Notation.pdf
El Noi de la Mare (Solo)-Notation.pdf
El Vito (I)-Notation.pdf
El Vito (II)-Notation.pdf
El Vito (III)-Notation.pdf
Embraceable You-Notation.pdf
Emily (2011)-Notation.pdf
Emily (II)-Notation.pdf
Eres To-Touch The Wind.pdf
Este Seu Olhar-Notation.pdf
Estudio No 1 (Duet)-Notation.pdf
Exodus Theme-Notation.pdf
Falling In Love Again-Notation.pdf
Feelings (II)-Notation.pdf
Five Foot Two-Notation.pdf
Fly Me To The Moon-Notation.pdf
Fools Rush In-Notation.pdf
For You-Notation.pdf
From Russia With Love-Notation.pdf
From Where I Am ( I )-Notation.pdf
From Where I Am ( II )-Notation.pdf
Gavotte for Two Guitar-Notation.pdf
Gavotte No 1-Notation.pdf
Get Out Of Town-Notation.pdf
Girl Talk-Notation.pdf
Goin' Out Of My Head-Notation.pdf
Golden Earrings-Notation.pdf
Gone With The Wind-Notation.pdf
Good Morning Starshine-Notation.pdf
Greensleeves (Am)-Notation.pdf
Greensleeves (Dm I)-Notation.pdf
Greensleeves (Dm II)-Notation.pdf
Guitar Tristesse-Notation.pdf
Gymnopedie #1-Notation.pdf
Harlem Nocturne-Notation.pdf
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas-Notation.pdf
Here I'll Stay-Notation.pdf
Here There And Everywhere-Notation.pdf
Here's That Rainy Day (Drop D)-Notation.pdf
Here's That Rainy Day (E II)-Notation.pdf
Here's That Rainy Day (E III)-Notation.pdf
Here's That Rainy Day (E)-Notation.pdf
Here's That Rainy Day (F#)-Notation.pdf
Holiday For Strings-Notation.pdf
Holy, Holy, Holy-Notation.pdf
Homage To Satie (Duet)-Notation.pdf
Honeysuckle Rose-Notation.pdf
How About You-Notation.pdf
How Deep Is The Ocean (C)-Notation.pdf
How Deep Is The Ocean (E)-Notation.pdf
How Long Has This Been Going On-Notation.pdf
Hurt So Bad-Notation.pdf
I Can't Get Started (With You)-Notation.pdf
I Can't Give You Anything But Love-Notation.pdf
I Concentrate On You-Notation.pdf
I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good-Notation.pdf
I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say-Notation.pdf
I Left My Heart In San Francisco-Notation.pdf
I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart-Notation.pdf
I Loves You Porgy-Notation.pdf
I Married An Angel-Notation.pdf
I Never Knew-Notation.pdf
I Remember Clifford-Notation.pdf
I Remember You-Notation.pdf
I See Your Face Before Me-Notation.pdf
I Should Care-Notation.pdf
I Surrender Dear-Notation.pdf
I Thought About You-Notation.pdf
I Want To Be Wanted-Notation.pdf
I Will Wait For You (III)-Notation.pdf
I Will Wait For You (Vers 1)-Notation.pdf
I Will Wait For You (Vers 2)-Notation.pdf
I Wish You Love-Notation.pdf
I'll Be Around-Notation.pdf
I'll Be Seeing you-Notation.pdf
I'll Get By-Notation.pdf
I'll Never Fall In Love Again-Notation.pdf
I'll Take Romance-Notation.pdf
I'll Walk With The Rain-Notation.pdf
I've Got The World On A String-Notation.pdf
I've Gotta Be Me-Notation.pdf
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face-Notation.pdf
I've Never Been in Love Before-Notation.pdf
IF (II)-Notation.pdf
IF (III)-Notation.pdf
If I Had You-Notation.pdf
If I Loved You-Notation.pdf
If You Could Read My Mind-Notation.pdf
If You Never Come To Me-Notation.pdf
Il Postino-Notation.pdf
Improvision (II)-Notation.pdf
In My Solitude.pdf
Indian Summer-Notation.pdf
Infant Eyes-Notation.pdf
Invitation (II)-Notation.pdf
Is It Really Me-Notation.pdf
It Could Happen To You-Notation.pdf
It Had To Be You-Notation.pdf
It Might As Well Be Spring-Notation.pdf
It Never Entered My Mind-Notation.pdf
It's A Blue World-Notation.pdf
It's Easy To Say-Notation.pdf
It's Not For Me To Say-Notation.pdf
It's The Talk Of The Town-Notation.pdf
Jamaica Farewell-Notation.pdf
Japanese Lullaby-Notation.pdf
Jazz 'N' Samba-Notation.pdf
Jean (A)-Notation.pdf
Jean (C)-Notation.pdf
Jesu, Joy Of Mans Desiring-Notation.pdf
Julia Florida-Notation.pdf
Just The Way You Are-Notation.pdf
Killing Me Softly-Notation.pdf
La Borrachita-Notation.pdf
La Cumparsita-Notation.pdf
La Hora Azul-Notation.pdf
La Pajarera-Notation.pdf
Laia Ladaia (Reza)-Notation.pdf
Lamento Gitano-Notation.pdf
Lara's Theme (I)-Notation.pdf
Lara's Theme (II)-Notation.pdf
Lara's Theme (III)-Notation.pdf
Let Me Try Again-Notation.pdf
Let Me-Notation.pdf
Like Someone In Love-Notation.pdf
Lil' Darling-Notation.pdf
Little Girl Blue-Notation.pdf
Londonderry Aire-Notation.pdf
Long Ago And Far Away-Notation.pdf
Loss Of Love-Notation.pdf
Love For Sale-Notation.pdf
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (II)-Notation.pdf
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing-Notation.pdf
Love Is Blue (D)-Notation.pdf
Love Is Blue (G)-Notation.pdf
Love Letters-Notation.pdf
Love Me Tender-Notation.pdf
Lullaby Of Birdland-Notation.pdf
Lullaby Of The Leaves-Notation.pdf
Make The World Go Away-Notation.pdf
Makin' Whoopie-Notation.pdf
Malaguena (E)-Notation.pdf
Malaguena (G I)-Notation.pdf
Malaguena (G II)-Notation.pdf
Malaguena (Quartet)-Notation.pdf
Manha de Carnaval (Am I)-Notation.pdf
Manha de Carnaval (Am II)-Notation.pdf
Manha De Carnaval (Am III)-Notation.pdf
Manha de Carnaval (Em-Am)-Notation.pdf
Marchita El Alma-Notation.pdf
Maria Elena-Notation.pdf
Mas Que Nada-Notation.pdf



Howard's Music Page: http://www.noad.com/Howard.htm

A most impressive website that has links to many youtube performances of Howard's arrangements.

"…lovingly crafted…arrangements for vocal and 2 guitars for his long time student, Leslie Lewis."

To locate performances of Howard Heitmeyer arrangements on Youtube, search these names of guitarists:

Mark Achuff
Craig Brandau
Terrence Farrell
Edson Lopes

Paul McGuffin
Ted Owens
Claudio Pezzella
Maurice Sherbanee
Gohar Vartanyan
Strings by Mail

Howard Heitmeyer